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Power Wagon Dashboard
This is the procedure to remove a Power Wagon Dashboard and replace with a new one.  Also included is the procedure to remove the windshield valance and replace, but there are no pictures for the valance.

I have changed dash boards and also the overhead  valance where the windshield wipers are located. You will have to do some cutting and welding, its a little tricky but not impossible by any means.

First, if you look under the dash board at each door post, you will see the dash actually extends into the door post. Also while looking at the dash/door post area, you will see 6 or 8 spot welds running vertically between the dash and door post area.

First, you must strip everything out of the old dash board, everything.  BY stripping the old dash, you will have the needed room to rotate it upwards as described below.  Then you will have to remove the windshield. Look along the bottom of the windshield and you will see a row of spot welds going from side to side of the windshield. These all have to be cut. Using a spot weld cutter makes it quite easy. Then you need to go under the dash and also cut the 6 or 8 spot welds on each side of the dash at the door post. Then take a die grinder with a cut off wheel.
Look at the front of the dash, right at the door post and you will see 2 short welds on each side. These are cut with the cut off wheel.

Now since you removed everything under the dash, ROTATE the bottom of the dash forward toward the firewall and upwards. You will end up with the dash in a horizontal position with the front faceing the floor.

Now with a little wiggling the dash can be cocked a little and it will come right out.

Repeat in the reverse to install the new dash.

To remove the windshield wiper valance on top. Once again with the windshield out, cut the spot welds along the top edge of the windshiled, there are a frew spot welds near the top in the cab and a few short weld beads in the cab near the top. Now the entire windshileld valance will drop out.

This is not a short job, but can be easily done if you go slow and take your time. If the dash does not want to move after cutting the welds mentioned above, you have missed
a spot weld between the inside of the dash and the door post.

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Enlarge photo 1
Left Side Dashboard

Enlarge photo 2
Dash right side.  Note there are 6 spot welds to be cut.  This is in a WDX Style Dash.
I checked my WM-300 dash and it has 8 spot welds.  Make sure you get all the spot welds

Enlarge photo 3
The original dash was riddled with holes.  I got a Cherry WDX Dash and Wiper Valance from Judd to replace the original

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