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Military Truck M1078 AO
1995 Military M1078 AO 2 1/2 ton Cargo Truck made by Steward & Stevenson. Has Air brakes but dose not require a CDL under 26,000 lbs. Weighs 17,700 lbs with a GVWR of 22,700 lbs. Only about 2500 miles on this truck since it was sold by the Military. The numbers show it was a Air Force M1078 AO Cargo Truck.

    I have put over 100 miles on it with out a problem!  Sold to the Military for almost $104,626.00 originally. I will be selling it for $26,500.00 before winter. I still need to enjoy it more and fine tune a couple things. Just bought 4 new better tires for it!

   Already pulled a lube order on it and bought the new up graded Fan Assembly. Bought 4 new Snow Chains for the tires. Put a Stereo and speaker system in but did not cut any part of the dash, used original screws to hold it in place. I installed a New 1,000 watt Block Heater for winter starts. Has a Push Button Either System also for quick starts and no power for the Block Heater. The Government has already up graded the Drive Shafts to new the style also!

     Original tires have been replaced along with all new batteries. As it warms up I can go to the Car Show in May I missed last year because of the Pandemic!! Just need to wash our road dust/dirt off the bottom it was so pristine clean when I brought it home just before winter after our Big Wildfire! I wanted fair pictures of the bottom for a 26 year old truck.
Date(s): March 21, 2021. Album by Mark H.. 1 - 86 of 86 Total. 9 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Goes Great with the Chains On or Off! Chains on solid Ice make it nice to get around. Edit

Enlarge photo 2

First day of owning it. Brought it home after the fire. Edit

Enlarge photo 3

Yellow Arrow thing is just a strip sitting on the dash. Edit

Enlarge photo 4

Air Cleaner, Radiator Water, Transmission and Engine Oil Service Site. I like the Air In Take up out of the Dust. Edit

Enlarge photo 5

Easy to see Dash and the Black Box is the Transmission Control for Locked in Mode and Regular to shift the Full Time 4x4 7-Spd ALLISON Transmission. Edit

Enlarge photo 6

Green Extension Cord goes to the 1,000 Watt Black Heater for winter use. It also has a Manual Either canister for back up. Edit

Enlarge photo 7

Was just out playing in the snow this winter. Edit

Enlarge photo 8

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Enlarge photo 9

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Enlarge photo 10

Enjoying the view near us out for a drive. Edit

Enlarge photo 11

Our View of the Cascade Mt. Range is nice. Edit

Enlarge photo 12

Another nice place to stop for the view. Edit

Enlarge photo 13

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Enlarge photo 14

Nice to be seen at night on the road! Edit

Enlarge photo 15

The Dash Lights Dim Down to Black Out or nice and Brite. Edit

Enlarge photo 16

1995 3116 Cat Turbo Engine Non Electronic! Edit

Enlarge photo 17

Added a Double Negative Cable to the Frame off the Alternator Edit

Enlarge photo 18

Drivers Side of the Engine Edit

Enlarge photo 19

Drivers Side View. Edit

Enlarge photo 20

Cooling Hoses for Air and Coolent Edit

Enlarge photo 21

Throttle Control in the center of the picture Edit

Enlarge photo 22

Turbo and 12v/24vdc Generator. Truck has 12 volt lighting and Dash with 24 volt starting. Edit

Enlarge photo 23

You can see the tire hoist the spare tires lowers with behind the cab. Controls are below it to also raise the cab using Air or the Hand Pump. Edit

Enlarge photo 24

Clean looking up under the engine in places you don't clean very well. Edit

Enlarge photo 25

24 VDC Starter on the bottom of the engine. Edit

Enlarge photo 26

The Sides fold down all the way around and the Seats can be removed. Total Sides come off for a Flat Bed look. Edit

Enlarge photo 27

There are Tie Down Loops all over the 8 X 12 Bed. Edit

Enlarge photo 28

This is the Ladder under the Bed that hooks to the bed to get on it easier. Edit

Enlarge photo 29

Looking to the Front under the Bed at the back of the Transmission. Edit

Enlarge photo 30

Part of the ALLISON 7 Speed Auto Transmission. It has a Full Time Transfer Case below it. Edit

Enlarge photo 31

So clean for26 years! Edit

Enlarge photo 32

This is the Transfer Case! 24" off the ground under the center of the truck got ground clearance. Differentials and Lowest Point is 14" Edit

Enlarge photo 33

Newer Up Graded Drive Shafts. Edit

Enlarge photo 34

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Enlarge photo 35

Cab's Air Lift Rides Air bag inside the steel cylinder. Makes for a smoother ride on the bumps. After the truck starts you can feel the Cab lift up about 2-3 inches. Edit

Enlarge photo 36

Under the Air Bag Set Up. Edit

Enlarge photo 37

No Leaks on the Differentials. Edit

Enlarge photo 38

No Over Load or Hard Bump Wear Marks on the Stops! Edit

Enlarge photo 39

Bottom of the Rubber Stop. Edit

Enlarge photo 40

Nice Shocks and Mounts for them. Edit

Enlarge photo 41

Cooling Fan controlled also from inside the Cab for Fording up to 32" of water. You can shut the fan off. Edit

Enlarge photo 42

No Wear on the Torsion Bushings! Edit

Enlarge photo 43

Lots of Lining on the Original Brake Shoes! Edit

Enlarge photo 44

Showing how the Rear Pental Hitch is Bolted On. So clean still. Edit

Enlarge photo 45

Just sitting out front of the house. Where I parked the vehicles during the wildfire!! Edit

Enlarge photo 46

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Enlarge photo 47

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Enlarge photo 48

The Blue box is a Stereo and has plug in ports and 4 channel output. 4 Speakers one each corner of the ceiling wires hide. Edit

Enlarge photo 49

2376 miles on it the Day I got it off the Transport Truck. Edit

Enlarge photo 50

Here is the Ladder hooked into the bed pockets for it. Edit

Enlarge photo 51

Here is the Tire Air Control Box inside the cab. You lower and raise the tire pressure with this. Edit

Enlarge photo 52

These are what fills the tires with air and the bolts for the rims. Edit

Enlarge photo 53

The Spare Tire strapped to the Hoist that lifts and lowers it from the truck since the tire is around 350 lbs. Edit

Enlarge photo 54

Chains are trimmed to fit and no loose ends. Each Chain weighs 65 lbs. times four! Edit

Enlarge photo 55

Wiring is Nice behind the Dash Panel! Edit

Enlarge photo 56

Replaced the Speedometer and it just plugs in. The Red Clips hold the Water Proof Connections tight. Edit

Enlarge photo 57

The New Speedometer shows about 300 more Miles then the Original had. The new Volt Meter is easy to see. Edit

Enlarge photo 58

Close up of the New Volt Meter. Edit

Enlarge photo 59

Transmission ID Plate Edit

Enlarge photo 60

Transmission ID Plate Edit

Enlarge photo 61

RPM Sensor next to Flywheel Edit

Enlarge photo 62

Showing the side of the Transmission Edit

Enlarge photo 63

Transmission Edit

Enlarge photo 64

Wildfire Damage all around me Edit

Enlarge photo 65

Just having fun! Edit

Enlarge photo 66

Out for a drive Edit

Enlarge photo 67

Wildfire Area around my home Edit

Enlarge photo 68

I Crimp my own Cables with Inhibitor inside the crimp. I will heat shrink later. Edit

Enlarge photo 69

2 more Batteries to finish up on. Edit

Enlarge photo 70

Made up 2 of the 12 VDC Jumpers Edit

Enlarge photo 71

Seats in back Bed Area Edit

Enlarge photo 72

Truck Bed is just under 8' x 12' and the Seats fold up flush on the sides. Edit

Enlarge photo 73

The Hoops Fold up Flat under the Seat Edit

Enlarge photo 74

This is the Hydraulic Control for the Spare Tire, Cab and Suspension Lowering Rams. Allows choice of which one to operate up or down. Edit

Enlarge photo 75

The Newer Goodyear Tires look nice and a much better tire all the way around for this truck. Edit

Enlarge photo 76

Front Tire Edit

Enlarge photo 77

Nice Deep Lug Tread Pattern for traction! Edit

Enlarge photo 78

Tire and Rims have Auto Tire Filling and Lowering. Edit

Enlarge photo 79

To use the 2 batteries for a Jump Start of the truck you just bolt the cable to the post and a fresh 24 VDC is tied into the trucks power. Edit

Enlarge photo 80

Took this above our home on our property. Great place to own a truck like this! Edit

Enlarge photo 81

All the land in the picture is our place plus more. We love living here! Edit

Enlarge photo 82

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Enlarge photo 83

Took this driving down from the top above the lake. Edit

Enlarge photo 84

The Grass is coming back nice after our Wildfire last Sept. Edit

Enlarge photo 85

Looking towards our home from the driveway off the bluff. We are so lucky to have this place to live on even if we have wildfires once in a while! Can't have it all!! Edit

Enlarge photo 86

Getting ready to go to town. Edit

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