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I am an avid collector and dealer of European and American Vintage Costume and Estate Jewelry.  Enamels, French and German Art Deco Jewelry hold a special interest for me. Some of these photos show jewelry long sold or from my personal collection, but I also sell on Link2Jewels on RubyLane and on Instagram.  You can email me with any questions at link2jewels@gmail.com
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1. Link2Jewels 
Link2Jewels sells fine vintage jewelry on the antique mall website Ruby Lane.  
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Cut Steel Jewelry
2. Cut Steel Jewelry 
Cut steel jewelry is very collectible and not common.  Most was made in England. The process of hand cutting and polishing each steel bead, then riveting it onto a back piece was extremely laborious and time-consuming. Care should be taken to keep them dry, as cut steel jewelry is susceptible to rust., which is why the jewelry is more difficult to find today.

The cut steel jewelry process dates back to at least the sixteenth century and became the height of fashion in the eighteenth (Georgian) and nineteenth centuries (Victorian).  The polished silvery-gray jewelry was made to imitate the glitter of diamonds and sparkle in candlelight.

The polished steel studs could have as many as 15 facets, and in general, the more facets on the studs, and the smaller the studs, the finer and older the piece. Later jewelry had larger cut steel brads.
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Judith Hendler Acrylic Jewelry
3. Judith Hendler Acrylic Jewelry 
Judith Hendler, through her company Acri-Gems located in California, designed and produced fabulous large distinctive jewelry using acrylic, lucite and Plexiglass during the 1980s.  Her jewelry was sold at Bonwit Teller in Beverly Hills, Saks Fifth Avenue, Robinson's, Bullock's Bloomingdale's, I. Magnin, and other upscale boutiques.

I have had the pleasure to meet Judith, and what a lovely, gracious, and creative individual she is.
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Special Finds for Sale
4. Special Finds for Sale 
French, German and Czech jewelry Currently for Sale
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German Modernist  Enamels For Sale
5. German Modernist  Enamels For Sale 
Late 1950s and 1960s German Matte Enamel over Copper Cloisonné Jewelry by Scholz & Lammel, Wilhelm Leyser, Albert Gustave Bunge, and Perli.
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Mid-Century Modernist German Enamels
6. Mid-Century Modernist German Enamels 
German Cloisonné Enamels by Scholz & Lammel, Perli, Wilhelm Leyser, Albert Gustave Bunge, c. 1960
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Andree Bazot/Ruth Buol Enamels for Sale
7. Andree Bazot/Ruth Buol Enamels for Sale 
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Bengel & Bazot-German and French Enamels
8. Bengel & Bazot-German and French Enamels  (January 29, 2006)
German Art Deco Enamel Jewelry by Jakob Bengel and German and French Modernist Enamel Jewelry by Scholtz (Scholz) & Lammel and Andree Bazot.  And for Added Good Measure - Some American Enamel pieces.
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Haskell for Sale
9. Haskell for Sale 
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Miriam Haskell Jewelry
10. Miriam Haskell Jewelry 
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Contemporary Haskell
11. Contemporary Haskell 
Classic Pearl Collection and Stone Collection
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Jewelry for Sale
12. Jewelry for Sale 
Please contact linda@link2jewels.com
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French and German Jewelry
13. French and German Jewelry 
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My Best Coro
14. My Best Coro  (Febraury 2011)
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Enamels from Other Countries
15. Enamels from Other Countries  (February 2007)
An  Assortment of American, Czech and enamel jewelry from Other Places.  This is a work in progress.
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Sciahparelli Blue and Green Set
16. Sciahparelli Blue and Green Set  (Ocotber 7, 2011)
Wide Chunky Fabulous Blue and Green Schiaparelli Bracelet and Matching Earrings - SOLD
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Schiaparelli Pearl Parure
17. Schiaparelli Pearl Parure  (March 2011)
Found after 3 1/2 years.
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Trifari Fantasia Series
18. Trifari Fantasia Series 
Some years ago, I bought a vintage Vogue magazine with the Trifari Ad depicting its Fantasia Series from 1957.  I decided then that I was on a quest to collect each of the pins shown in the ad.  My first purchase was the Trifari poodle pin.
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19. Boucher  (July 2006)
Marcel Boucher Jewelry
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Delizza & Elster aka  Juliana Jewelry
20. Delizza & Elster aka  Juliana Jewelry  (September 2007)
My collection of presently owned Delizza & Elster Jewelry, pieces currently for sale and pieces that have gone onto other happy homes.

There are 3 pages of pictures, so don't forget to see all of them.
From www.link2jewels.com
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21. Denicola 
The Zodiac series by DeNicola are sought after because of their whimsical uniqueness and wonderful bright enamel colors. These two pins date from the 1960s.

The DeNicola jewelry company was founded by Jerry DeNicola  and was in business from 1957-1970.
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Vintage Jewelry by Robert
22. Vintage Jewelry by Robert  (October 2008)

Some of this Robert jewelry is For Sale. Please contact linda@link2jewels.com


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23. Hobe 
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New Finds from Link2Jewels
24. New Finds from Link2Jewels  (September 2010)
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More Finds
25. More Finds  (September 2010)
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26. Eisenberg 
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Evening Purses
27. Evening Purses 
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Topic of the Week:  Purple
28. Topic of the Week:  Purple 
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Lea Stein and Elzac
29. Lea Stein and Elzac  (March 23, 2008)
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Celluloid COW
30. Celluloid COW  (April 2007)
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