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SHS 60's reunion 10-14-23
1. SHS 60's reunion 10-14-23  (10-14-23)
1960's classes reunion
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July 4 23 at David Martin's house
2. July 4 23 at David Martin's house  (July 4 23)
hot dogs, singing, fireworks and BANANA PUDING
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64 class reunion 6-27-23
3. 64 class reunion 6-27-23 
Jake and Dorothy's Cafe was the meeting place
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girls basket ball players
4. girls basket ball players  (50's and 60's Stephenville, TX)
the girls basketball team meet at Jake and Dorothy's Cafe at least 2 times a year and have a lot of stories and memories and fun - this is the players from the 1950's and 1960's
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Edwina Ferguson pics
5. Edwina Ferguson pics  (July 5, 2020)
This folder is to hold all of Edwina's pictures from through the years, family, friends, and any picture collected in a drawer or box or whatever.
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Stephenville, TX Music Club
6. Stephenville, TX Music Club 
Music Club started in 1933 - one of the oldest if not the oldest established organization in Stephenville.  We meet each month on the second Thursday at 12:00 at the First United Methodist Church one block off the square.  Members choose a theme for the year and all music that year reflect music for the theme.  We have our business meeting, a program, and then we eat.  We welcome any and all to attend the meeting.  Hope to see you there.
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Music Club of Stephenville
7. Music Club of Stephenville  (2008, 2009, 2010)
music club in Stephenville has been meeting since 1933 - one of the longer lived organizations in Stephenville - this folder will have pictures of each meeting for 2008, 2009, 2010
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Ricky Parham is 50
8. Ricky Parham is 50  (December 1, 2018)
There was a party to celebrate Ricky Parham turning 50.  As you can see there was quite a crowd and there was quite a lot of food.
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Ben and Earl
9. Ben and Earl  (November 11, 2018)
A meeting with old classmates from the 60's at Arden and Sherry Knight in Weatherford
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Ron's Birthday
10. Ron's Birthday  (June 16, 2018)
World famous and champion water skier had his 70 birthday at his home in Saginaw.  His wife, Janet, hosted a Taco Bar and Margaritas to celebrate.  Many friends and family enjoyed food, cake, and games.
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Walker's 60th Wedding Aniversary
11. Walker's 60th Wedding Aniversary  (October 21, 2017)
Jerry and Wanda Walker of Stephenville, TX celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary at Calbary Baptist Church in Stephenville, Texas with over 300 friends and relatives attending.  Enjoy the pictures of this Great Event.
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Kelly's slide show for Birthday Party
12. Kelly's slide show for Birthday Party  (July 22, 2017)
These pictures were copied from various sources for a slide show presentation at Kelly's 50th birthday party.
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Kelly's 50th Birthday
13. Kelly's 50th Birthday  (July 22, 2017)
A surprise birthday party celebrating 50 years young for Kelly Parham was held at The Place on Saturday July 22, 2017.  Her birthday is July 25.  There was a large turnout to wish her Happy Birthday.
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Ginger Garrett 100 years old party
14. Ginger Garrett 100 years old party  (06-17-17)
Virginia (Ginger) Garrett had 100 years old birthday party in Weatherford at Chandra Gardens with family and friends (and there were many).  This lady had the sharpest mind of anyone at the party.  She takes no medication of any kind and is in great physical condition for someone her age.  It is obvious her family and friends hold her in high regard and just absolutely love her.  She has always lived by the standard of putting all others before herself.  She is genuinely kind and selfless.  It was a joy to be at and take the pictures of her party.
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House on Rose Drive
15. House on Rose Drive  (Oct 2016)
this is a house on Rose Street in Stephenville that is rentable -- will have more information available later
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Janet's Wedding Oct 1 2016
16. Janet's Wedding Oct 1 2016  (Oct 1 2016)
details to follow
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Colorado 7-4-16
17. Colorado 7-4-16  (7-4-16)
Visit to Amanda and family for July 4 party and picnic
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18. Pat's 80th birthday party  (October 18, 2015)
Big Birthday Surprise  Party for Pat's 89th Birthday
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Sturgis 2015
19. Sturgis 2015  (August 2015)
The 75th anniversary for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally took place in Sturgis, South Dakota the first full week in August, 2015.  Supposedly 1 million people gathered in the small town of about 2,000 and of course the surrounding countryside.  Worth mentioning is the Full Throttle Saloon burned the next week, it was the biggest biker bar in the world.
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Lanette's Wedding by Larry
20. Lanette's Wedding by Larry  (October 3, 2015)
Photographed by Larry Parham
Lanette Cahndler and Rickey Morrison were married October 3, 2015 in Stephenville, Texas at the Chapel on the Bosque.  Most Stepehenvillians have come in contact with Lanette if they ever had to buy license plates as she has worked there as long as I can remember. You can add descriptions to any picture.
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Lanette's Wedding by Trudy
21. Lanette's Wedding by Trudy  (October 3, 2915)
photos taken by Trudy Buntin - - - Lanette Chandler and Rickey Morrison were married October 3, 2015 at the Chapel on the Bosque in Stephenville, Texas.  You can add descriptions to any picture.
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Laura's Wedding
22. Laura's Wedding  (September 26, 2015)
Laura and Matt Rodgers were married at the city park gazebo in Stephenville, Texas
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Graduation Party 2015
23. Graduation Party 2015   (May 28, 2015)
Ricky and Ashli Parham in Stephenville, Texas had a party for McKenzi who graduated from A&M and Miller from Stephenville High School and is headed for A&M
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Many FACES of Diane
24. Many FACES of Diane  (May 30,2015)
This lady has so many expressions that I thought it would be fun to make a group of pictures to compare.
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Diane's Wedding
25. Diane's Wedding  (May 30, 2015)
Diane was married at Cottonwood Baptist Church just outside of Dublin, Texas
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Tim's Memorial Service 5-23-2015
26. Tim's Memorial Service 5-23-2015  (May 23, 2015)
Memorial Service held for Tim Hale at Stephenville Funeral Home
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Cruise 2014
27. Cruise 2014  (November 22, 2014)
Cruise northern states, Canada, Nova Scotia by 8 of us
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Pat Hale's Thanksgiving
28. Pat Hale's Thanksgiving  (11-23-2013)
A BIG Thanksgiving Bash occurred Saturday before Thanksgiving at The First Baptist Church in Stephenville, Texas.  Family and acquaintances of Pat attended for fellowship and a GREAT meal.  This was one of the best places I have seen to have such an event.  OH YEAH - Elvis made an appearance
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P T's Stephenville (was The Pub)
29. P T's Stephenville (was The Pub)  (November 3, 2013)
Winnie and Joel Stephens bought The Pub and renamed it Prime Time or P T's - they completely re-did the inside including furnishings (tables and chairs) (sound equipment) and Karaoke lighting and have made it a full time Karaoke Bar for 7 days a week.  These are pictures of some of the happenings there.
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Little Family Reunion Pictures
30. Little Family Reunion Pictures  (2008 - 2013)
Little Family Reunion 2008 and more
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Jo and Jerry Parham 50th
31. Jo and Jerry Parham 50th  (July 6, 2013)
celebration of Jo and Jerry Parham's 50th anniversary
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Baptism of Abigail Dollie Gordon
32. Baptism of Abigail Dollie Gordon  (May 19, 2013)
Holy Baptism of Abigail Dollie Gordon in Fort Worth
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Bill Mullen's funeral
33. Bill Mullen's funeral  (September 16, 2011)
Bill Mullen from Glen Rose was buried today in George's Creek Cemetery, he had a wrecker service in Glen Rose for more than 40 years - his casket was carried on the back of Parham's Wrecker from Stephenville at Bill Mullin's request
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Parham Garage
34. Parham Garage  (September 16, 2011)
folder of different happenings at Parham Garage in Stephenville, TX - this is a mechanic shop and wrecker service for Erath County and beyond
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Sturgis 2011
35. Sturgis 2011  (August 20, 2011)
the 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota
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Biker Rally Pics - Sturgis, Daytona, etc
36. Biker Rally Pics - Sturgis, Daytona, etc 
by request I have been scanning old negatives of the biker rallies from the past decade and a half - these rallies are Sturgis, Daytona, Austin, and other smaller rallies mostly in Texas - there are some no no pics in the protected folder under Cuttin' Horse - if you do not have the password for Cuttin' Horse folder you can email me with your name and cell # and I will call you and give you the password
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Amanda's Wedding 2-19-11
37. Amanda's Wedding 2-19-11  (February 19, 2011)
Amanda Parham marries Elijah Gordon
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Collins Family
38. Collins Family  (February 3, 2011)
pictures of the Collins Family and friends and relatives etc. from Stephenville, Texas
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Weddings by Larry
39. Weddings by Larry  (now and then)
these are wedding pictures taken by Larry of many different couples
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Cross Timbers Country Opry
40. Cross Timbers Country Opry 
pictures of happenings at the Cross Timbers Country Opry located in Stephenville Texas
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Cuttin' Horse,  (requires a password)
41. Cuttin' Horse,  (requires a password)  (2008, 2009, 2010)
email me for password at lop@erath.net these are karoke pics and also general pics at The Pub, Rockin P, the old Cuttin' Horse (closed), Barcelona Bar and Grill (closed) in Stephenville Texas
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Stephenville Historical Museum
42. Stephenville Historical Museum  (2008, 2009, 2010)
Stephenville Historical Museum has events during the year and you are invited to visit the various buildings and see the old time way of life
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Leon Brown graduate SHS 2010
43. Leon Brown graduate SHS 2010  (May 31, 2010)
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Prom 2010
44. Prom 2010  (April 2010)
Prom photo shoot for April 2010 Prom for Stephenville High School in Stephenville,Texas 76401 - pictures were shot at Rick and Ashley's house
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Sue (Family and Friends)
45. Sue (Family and Friends)  (February 25, 2010)
family pictures and birthdays and friends etc.
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O'Leary Family Pictures
46. O'Leary Family Pictures  (last 5 years and up)
pictures of various O'Leary gatherings from 2003 to 2008 and more
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Norman Whitfield's Funeral
47. Norman Whitfield's Funeral  (Feb 09)
Norman Whitfield, a long time friend and best friend during our growing up years, was laid to rest at the Lower Greens Creek Cemetery - he lived in Eastland at the time of his death
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Parham family
48. Parham family   (2008 forward and back)
Parham events including graduations, reunions, birthday celebrations, etc.  --  this has Rick and Jeff's 40-50 birthday bash
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Erath County Excel's Academy
49. Erath County Excel's Academy  (November 22, 2008)
school pictures, graduation pictures and event pictures of Erath County Excel's Academy located in Stephenville, Texas 76401
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Tarleton Nursing Graduates
50. Tarleton Nursing Graduates  (December 2008)
these are the nursing graduates from Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas for December 1008 - pictures of individuals in class, pinning of the graduates and the graduation
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Leatherwood Miniature Train Meet 2008
51. Leatherwood Miniature Train Meet 2008  (November 2008)
The Leatherwoods located in Dublin, Texas have a miniature train track on their property where they have a gathering once a year of all miniature train enthusiasts from all around the country - it is worth seeing
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Bosque River Boys (see "Elvis")
52. Bosque River Boys (see "Elvis")  (1997 til present)
Bosque River Boys started singing in 1997 - started out as Barbershop and the main music is now Southern Gospel - old time male quartet style with just a piano for instrument - our newest member is an Elvis impersonator named Dan DeVivo - also our friends and singers The Wardens - JoAnn and Ray Patterson - Bosque River Boys singers are Dan DeVivo, Bill Grisham, Paul Pendleton, Larry Parham and playing the piano is Z T Warden
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Texas Highway Patrol Promotion Ceremony
53. Texas Highway Patrol Promotion Ceremony  (August 5, 2008)
pics of the Texas Highway Patrol promotion ceremony held in Austin on August 5, 2008
Audrey O'Leary was promoted to sergeant
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Brannon Family - July 4, 2008
54. Brannon Family - July 4, 2008  (July 4, 2008)
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Brannon Family misc.
55. Brannon Family misc.  (whenever)
this and that from the Brannon family
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The Little Family (Scooter)
56. The Little Family (Scooter)  (earlier and now)
Scooter's family reunions and pictures that Scooter has collected over the years
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Mike and Britany's Wedding
57. Mike and Britany's Wedding  (May 31, 2008)
Mike and Britany's wedding - the first wedding at the new Cowboy Church location in Stephenville, TX
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Martin Computer Shop
58. Martin Computer Shop  (2008)
pictures from in and around Martin's Computer Shop in Stephenville TX across from Little John Produce on Lingleville highway
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Motorcycle Riders
59. Motorcycle Riders  (2008 and up and back)
motorcycle riders in and around Stephenville
Texas get together for rides and events
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Julie's Hair Salon
60. Julie's Hair Salon  (August 1, 2008)
Julie's Hair Salon in Stephenville Texas - she rides a Harley - expert hair care for more than 20 years
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miscellaneous pics
61. miscellaneous pics 
these are pics of interest that I have taken for some purpose - you might see something interesting - I will be putting more here
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