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This is albums for Available Adoption for Adult or older puppy.

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1. Smiley 
Smiley loves loves loves to be with her person.  She will be totally devoted and protective of you.  She gets along well with other dogs.  Spayed
1511 Visits, 1 Images, Shared Album
2. Freddie 
Freddie is a beautiful little Black and White Piebald.  She is very loving.  She will do better in a home with no children.  Preferably a single female.
1241 Visits, 1 Images, Shared Album
3. Ollie 
Ollie.......Black and Tan coated carrier.  A loving happy, smart little fellow, very in tune with his family.  He gets along well with other dogs. A bit on the shy side.  Ollie will be neutered before joining his new home.
1089 Visits, 3 Images, Shared Album

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