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Forex ea variations
The title of this album is for forex trading expert advisors. This can be done via forex ea and this is the future. There is no doubt about it. When using these forex markets sometimes it is no longer enough to use your intuition or depend on luck. You need fully automated robots that can calculate.
There are many forex expert advisor kinds, but in general, we can divide them into two parts. Grid trade and normal expert advisors which are without any risk accumulation. The grid trade is the easiest and most reliable way to make some cash without scratching your head too much.
To achieve all that you will need a forex broker. But it is not enough to be just a forex broker, you will need the best forex broker. It will give you many advantages: low costs, instant execution, and low swaps. Some things may not look important, but these fees add over time and are very important.
Ok, let's talk now about how a typical forex ea works and especially the grids. Here is how the simple grid ea works. You have several parameters: starting lots, lot increments, and distance. The starting lot is the starting position. The lot increment will show how the capital will grow through the positions. The distance represents how much the forex price must move before having to add the next position. So if we have 0.01 start lot, increment 0.01, and distance 20 points, this means that with the start of the grid ea it will open 0.01 position. Then it will wait for 20 points to open another position and open it with increased capital 0.02. And the grid continues.
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