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Annotated Book index - A definitive Aide With Examples


Write my essay has many types and they are uncountable types of written documents that are used on a daily basis either formally or informally. Some students really like to express whatever they think about, their personal opinions and facts on a piece of paper or any other form such as electronically on a laptop or a desktop, etc. this helps them explain their point better.


On the contrary, some students do not like to write as such. They believe they are not good with words or are not sure where, to begin with. For such students and people, many essay writing service are available and they can ask them to write my paper for me. This can save them time and also help them seek the guidance that they badly wanted. 


There are many different types of essays and research documents. An annotated bibliography is also very commonly used worldwide. In it, a reference is mentioned and the essay writer is supposed to write about it. Any sort of criticism or biased commentary is not allowed. It is simply discarded and rejected by the readers or the instructors. 


Some students are at a pro level in writing an annotated bibliography while others struggle a little. Just like you can search online that how to write an autobiography, the same way you can search that how to write an annotated bibliography. Even then if you are confused then do not worry my friend, I am here at your service. Here I am going to tell you how to write a page long i.e. 300 words annotated bibliography without any ambiguity or confusion.


First things first, you do not have to be a professional writer for that. Any newbie or student can do this too. Yes, if you are short on time then you can take help from an essay writer otherwise you can practice on your own too. So let me tell you some tips and tricks for writing an annotated bibliography of a journal article. 


  • Annotated bibliographies are not biased so make sure your words do not seem rude or judgmental at all.


  • Annotated bibliographies are short descriptions of the references so do not exceed the word limit and do not make it look like an online essay writer.


  • You have to write about the purpose of that article at the beginning of the annotated bibliography. Explain why the writer has written it and what is it about. It is like an introduction but not a detailed one. Be very precise and stick to the point. You do not have to give your own views here. 


  • Then comes the information about the writing style of that article. Talk about how the writer/ author has written it and what rules he/ she followed.


  • After that, the writer has to write about the format of the article. What sources were used and what facts and figures proved the point of the author? 


  • This can get a bit tough but do not snap back. After the format, give some examples from the article and elaborate on them a bit. Do not give extra details. By giving the examples it will become clearer to the readers what it is actually about. 


  • Then just conclude the annotated bibliography without mentioning any of your personal stances or opinions. 


Writing an annotated bibliography can be really fun and has proven to be extremely helpful for the readers so that they can know if they give that reference a chance then what would it be actually about. It can save plenty of their precious time. Good luck with your work. 


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