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Tulla Booth
I purchased a necklace from Liz Bryman years ago by the designer Tulla Booth.  Since then, I have been slowly adding to my Booth collection.  This is what I have collected so far.

Tulla Booth designed jewelry in the 1980's and she is not doing that any more.  It is all I know about her.  A Google search turns up a photographer, and I assume it must be the same person.
Date(s): April 19, 2007. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 45 of 45 Total. 7424 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is a piece by Tulla Booth.  It is one that I got from you Liz, a few years ago.  I'll bet you remember this one, it is a knockout.  
It is a runway piece, which means that it is LARGE, and it scares my husband.

Enlarge photo 2
This piece is larger than it looks in the photo.  It sits high on the neck like a choker.  As I said, it scares Glen, but I love it.

Enlarge photo 3
Can you believe this?? I just found this set on Ebay and bought it, never realizing that it matches the necklace that I got years ago.

The cuff and earrings are signed Tulla Booth.

Enlarge photo 4
This is on the back of the huge necklace.  Very tiny mark.

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Enlarge photo 5
The filagree on the bracelet and earrings don't exactly match the one on the necklace, but everything else is an exact match.  Fun.

Enlarge photo 6
These are earrings by Tulla Booth.  I just love em. I found these on Ebay.

Enlarge photo 7
This is a silver bracelet by Tulla Booth.  I got this from Delores.  I think.  It is sterling, and wonderful.  Thanks Delores.:)
"I have this bracelet by Tullla Booth gold over bronze"
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Enlarge photo 8
This on is on the silver bracelet.  All the pieces are marked in this album.

Enlarge photo 9
This is a black glass and sterling necklace.  It is about 16" long, and those balls are large at about 5/8" across.

Enlarge photo 10
Doesn't look like much, but it really is elegant to wear.

Enlarge photo 11
These are sterling earrings for pierced ears.  The stones are rose quartz.  They are 1" square.

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Enlarge photo 12
I put in the sizes of the pieces to let you know that her stuff is usually large.

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Enlarge photo 13
This is a brooch that looks like a spoon to me.  I bought it because I love the red stone, and the brooch is 5 1/4" long!

Enlarge photo 14
I am currently trying to learn how to use my new to me camera.  It formerly belonged to Glen, my husband.  He got a new camera, so I inherited his old one.

Enlarge photo 15
This is the mark on the back of the spoon.

Enlarge photo 16
Here, I want to brag a bit about my repair man in Redding Ca.  He is a jewel.  This is a photo from the auction where I bought this brooch.  I goofed and didn't photo this before it was repaired.

The pin mechanism was put on there by who knows....and it was soldered by a monkey, I think.  It looked horrible.

Enlarge photo 17
This is what my guy did.  He put this long skinny pin apparatus on there.  It is so skinny, that the spoon stem hides the apparatus.  Very finely soldered.  I am pleased.

Enlarge photo 18
These are earrings by Tulla, that you have maybe seen on Liz Bryman's site.  They really sparkle, and the opalesence is wonderful.

Enlarge photo 19
The earrings are clips, and they are 1 1/2" long.  That pink is coming from the stone, not a camera reflection.

Enlarge photo 20
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Enlarge photo 21
This is the mark on the back of the earring.

Enlarge photo 22
These are really nice earrings.  They are two shades of purple, and sterling silver.  They are 1 1/8" by 7/8" and are clips.

Enlarge photo 23
Here is the back, and as always, the designer first name and last name are there.  Tulla Booth, and sterling.

Enlarge photo 24
This pin in really nice.  The stones are carnelian, and of course...it is sterling.  The brooch is large....it is 3 1/4" by 3".  The dangle is articulated.

It has the Tulla Booth signature along with the sterling mark.

Enlarge photo 25
These are earrings with clips.  The stones are a cobalt blue, and they are signed Tulla Booth, and sterling..  I don't think the stones are lapis.
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Enlarge photo 26
This is a really nice cuff and bracelet set won on Ebay.  The stones are a good dark amethyst and the necklace chain is also amethyst.

Enlarge photo 27
The signature is tiny, but there it is, and it is also signed "sterling".

Enlarge photo 28
Sterling silver earrings with a purple cabachon.  They are about 2" long.

Enlarge photo 29
Her mark.

Enlarge photo 30
This brooch is a great looking brooch.  Doesn't look like much in my photo, but the silver is soft and the onyx is big.

Enlarge photo 31
The tips have amethyst cabs on them.  The brooch is 4 1/4" long.

Enlarge photo 32
It says Tulla Booth twice on this brooch, and sterling once.

Enlarge photo 33
The pin mechanism is original to this piece.

Enlarge photo 34
This is a nice sterling, chrysoprase, and onyx brooch.  It is about 4 1/2" across, and the black part is articulated.

Enlarge photo 35
It does say sterling and Tulla Booth here under the clasp.  I'm sure this clasp has been added, the old one must have come off.

Enlarge photo 36
Sterling heart brooch and earrings with rose quartz stones.

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Enlarge photo 37
I think this is a funny mark.  The Tulla Booth mark is upside down.  Or is it the sterling mark that is upside down?

Enlarge photo 38
Rose quartz on sterling earrings.

Enlarge photo 39

Enlarge photo 40
Love this bracelet.  Sterling with amethysts and yet to be identified stones.

Enlarge photo 41

Enlarge photo 42
This is a sterling ring with a real amethyst in the center.  The green stones on the sides could be a dyed quartz, or even chrysoprase, hard to tell.

Enlarge photo 43
The ring is a nice size and the center stone is 7.33mm long.
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Enlarge photo 44
An Ebay purchase.  Very nice earrings, and very wearable.

Enlarge photo 45

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Just got some great earrings to match your sterling and onyx big beaded necklace, very nice collection you have!
Miranda, Fri, 13 Jul 2012 5:59AM
Hi!  DH found a Tulla Booth necklace at an estate sale this AM.  Will be putting it up on eBay this weekend; so, keep a watch for it.  Gorgeous!
Carol | www.likesthejewels.ecrater.com, Fri, 6 Jul 2012 9:06AM
I worked for Tulla for a couple of years in the early-mid 80's.  It's great to see all the pieces you've collected, many of which I probably made.  Didn't think to collect any for myself at the time, unfortunately.  The photgrapher who came up in the google search is the same person.
Bridgid Rothenberg, Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:51AM
I have a Tulla Booth Pendant with white stone
It is oversized...almost the shape of a big apostrophe

Back - has her name
and Bullocks '85
And date 8/19
Sheila Gaspers, Sun, 12 Dec 2010 10:07AM
Hi Judy:  I noticed that Jack wrote you about the same pair of earrings that I have.  They are marked Tulla Booth on the back in gold frame with a large black polished stone, flower set with a garnet colored stone.  These are clip earrings.  Very good condition.  What is the value of these earrings?
Karen, Sat, 4 Dec 2010 1:20PM
I bought a Tulla Booth necklace last week at a local estate sale of an eccentric millionairess.  Just thought it was stunning and unusual and would probably sell on EBay well.  Was not familiar with the designer and was researching the name. I'm going to sell this piece in the next week or two on EBay.  I think it's sterling on copper with black onyx stones, but I'm going to confirm that with my jeweler.  It's a pendant (about 3" by 3") on a black cord - very geometric, and striking.
Stacy, Sat, 7 Nov 2009 8:25PM
Was researching a pair of earrings Im selling by Tulla Booth...drop dead gorgeous.....1 1/2" x 1 1/4" oval black cab framed in goldtone.....large 1 1/4" goldtone flower with a garnet in the center is attached to the bottom of the oval cab....clips......extremely dressy....email me please....thanks...Jack
JACK, Sun, 8 Mar 2009 3:11AM
I just got a Tulla Booth sterling bracelet with roses. Have you learned anything more about her?
Your things are gorgeous.
robin Wiles, Sun, 15 Feb 2009 8:38PM
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