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Welcome to The American Legion family photo book. Please feel free to browse through our Family pictures. If you are in one, please feel free to save it to you computer.
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Medal of Honor Highway 20 - LaGrange, IL
2. Medal of Honor Highway 20 - LaGrange, IL 
On Sunday, July 24, 2022 The American Legion Department of Illinois, along with members of American Legion Riders Department Of Illinois, travelled from East Dubuque, Illinois to LaGrange, Il., transporting the “Medal of Honor Flag”.

When the Legion Riders arrived at the American Legion Robert E. Coulter, Jr., Post 1941, the last stop of the trip, the “Medal of Honor Flag” was transferred from Illinois to Indiana.

Wayne L. Fischer, immediate Past Commander The American Legion, Department of Illinois, transferred the flag to the care of James Daube, Commander The American Legion, Department of Indiana.
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Medal of Honor Caravan - Elgin, Illinois
3. Medal of Honor Caravan - Elgin, Illinois  (July 24, 2022)
On Sunday, July 24, 2022, the “Illinois Medal of Honor Highway 20 Caravan” traveled the route of Highway 20, from East Dubuque, IL to LaGrange, Il.

The American Legion Department of Illinois Commanders and Adjutant, along with the American Legion Riders Department Of Illinois, carried the “Medal of Honor Flag” along the caravan route.

The flag, given to them by the American Legion of Iowa, had already traveled from Oregon to Iowa.

On their way to LaGrange, The “Illinois Medal of Honor Highway 20 Caravan” stopped at the Elgin State of Illinois building and conducted a ceremony.

In attendance were, Department Commander Fischer; Commander Payton; Commander Busse; Dept. Adjutant Conatser; SAL Squadron Sr. Vice Vozar; and Dept. Legion Riders Chairman Lampert.
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Detachment Convention 2022
4. Detachment Convention 2022  (July 15 - 17 2022)
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Summer Olympics 2022
5. Summer Olympics 2022  (June 18 2022)
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Installation of Joe Piscapo
6. Installation of Joe Piscapo  (5/14/2022)
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Commander Trouts Home coming Party
7. Commander Trouts Home coming Party  (March 26 2022)
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Spring DEC 2022
8. Spring DEC 2022  (March 26 2022)
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Flying Flags For Heroes
9. Flying Flags For Heroes   (March 26,2022)
National Commander Michael Fox
165 Flags were Placed
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Lincoln Pilgrimage
10. Lincoln Pilgrimage  (Feb 11/Feb 12 2022)
Membership awards with National Officers
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Membership Caravan 2022
11. Membership Caravan 2022  (Jan 17-Jan22 2022)
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2022 Lincoln Pilgrimage
12. 2022 Lincoln Pilgrimage  (February 11-12 2022)
88th Annual Lincoln Pilgrimage
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Family Caravan 2022
13. Family Caravan 2022  (January , 2022)
Each Stop will be in its own album
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EPCC/EPPC Jamboree
14. EPCC/EPPC Jamboree  (November 19th 20th)
EPCC/EPPC 84th Jamboree fundraiser for The Haven
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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Breakfast
15. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Breakfast   (December 5 2021)
Department Commander attending The Pearl Harbor Breakfast hosted by Post 924 Tuetopolis
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