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Italian Immigrant's letter 1967
Cara Lucia. How times change! 20 years ago our men were locked up because they might be spies. Now they are wanted for the war in Vietnam. Tony has been called up. We are all worried about him. You will nitice the stamps on my letters have changed. No more pounds and shillings. We now have dollars and cents, just like the Americans. Soon we will have kilometres and kilograms, just like you. Everything is changing. I read more about the contraceptive pill. Mama would have been shocked. I am glad all our daughters are married. Who knows what it will be like when the grandchildren get older! I am glad the Church has spoken out against such things. Stefano is well but has to take things a little easy. He still loves his food and I make sure he always gets a cooked mid-day meal. Baci - Katerina
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