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"White tin mug there, I always thought they issued brown tin mugs!" --Graeme, 04/12/05
"White mugs were early war, brown were issued late war - but you see photos of white mugs still in service 44/45." --Tombstone, 04/22/05
"No graeme your right son, always brown tin mugs" --Kevin, 05/04/05
"I have a brown, war dated mug, and a green with black rim mug that is '50s dated, and a white mug with no date. I think all three were issued WW2 era, and quite a bit later. I never could tell a brown from a green mug in b/w photos, but I see photos from the desert campaign of soldiers with both brown and/or white mugs standing next to each other." --Wessel, 06/21/05
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