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"Alex, When will you get your jump helmet, the red is NOT cool chap!" --Ernie S, 03/03/05
"Don't worry about it Alex, lots of Paras threw away their jump helmets and wore their berets in battle. Regimental pride - and comfort - often overcame the practicality of wearing the steel helmet." --Tombstone, 06/30/05
"I got my jump helmet a few days ago! Now i wont have to worry about the jerries cracking my noggin! (07/5/05" --Alex A, 07/05/05
"Alex, you better still worry about noggin crackn'.....the HJ is on the loose!!!" --Emil, 09/04/05
"Real men aren't afraid to stand out during fire fights! Besides, a little noggin donking never hurt anyone, just look at me!" --Donk, 07/18/06
""Hmmm!!!"" --Bootneck, 06/01/09
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