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"Munich, 1938: "Peace in our time."" --Tombstone, 01/19/06
"I am your father Luke...." --Cobblers, 01/24/06
"love you father." --cheese, 03/26/06
"Good vs Evil. Which one will triumph...." --Robert, 07/11/06
"You will recieve a first class ass whooping compliments of the Brit Paras." --seagull, 11/03/06
"the corleones are in your debt" --scottish boy, 11/10/06
"Let's address this issue with your neighbor's cat." --seagull, 11/22/06
""Dream on... square balls"" --Bootneck, 03/07/07
"The Sgt-Major addresses Hauptman Lardass......" --Bruce, 09/11/08
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