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Bamboo Flooring Is the New Hardwood

One of the key elements that make bamboo flooring so attractive is that it is an environmentally responsible choice. With the concerns for helping the environment on many peoples mind you know you are doing a good thing when choosing this flooring material for you home or office.

Are you building a new home and going through the process of choosing your flooring options for a home or office? If so, here are our some great reasons for choosing Bamboo Flooring over many other types of wood flooring on the market today.

Cutting Edge - Bamboo flooring is surely the newest most exciting flooring choice to hit the market in recent years. In fact, because of the excellent moisture resistant properties of teragren bamboo flooring, it is recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms where regular hardwood flooring and even laminate flooring types are not usually advised. This makes your decisions even easier if you want consistency throughout your home or office.

When looking at the cane of a bamboo stock it may seem rather flimsy in appearance, yet its surface is actually 25 percent harder and it is just as strong as the mighty Red Oak hardwood this is very often used in hard wood flooring.

Grown in China and Southeast Asia, the many species of bamboo being used for bamboo laminate flooring are harvested after four or five years, cut into strips, dried in the sun, and then laminated either vertically or horizontally into two or three layer pieces. In order to ensure long life, the bamboo strips are treated with a preservative (this can be done before or after the strips are laminated), which brings out the rich color of the flooring for installation. As far as the actual flooring process goes, boards are created when the hollow round shoots of bamboo are sliced into strips.

Considering these solid reasons for a bamboo flooring surface as your top choice for flooring selections, it is no wonder that the popularity of bamboo flooring rises steadily with each passing year. Undoubtedly, the bamboo laminate flooring is one of the best sold products in this industry, due to the very obvious reasons that I mentioned above. Manufacturers are mindful of staying in touch with the clients' requirements, and they constantly develop new bamboo flooring colors that ideally suit their customer's bamboo flooring needs.

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