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Travel & Scenic
Pretty much as it says—photos of landscapes, cityscapes, and other—you know—interesting things I've noticed when travelling in exotic places or sometimes just around town.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Sydney Harbour at Night
1. Sydney Harbour at Night  (July, 1999)
CAMERA: Nikon F100
LENSES: AF 28-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 D; AF Micro 105mm 1:2.8 D
FILM: Fujicolor Superia 200 & Fujicolor HG1600
COMMENT: If my brains hadn’t been leaking out of my ears, I would have remembered/realized that the Superia 200 was going to be able to pick up and hold more shadow detail than the HG1600, and I’d’ve shot more of it instead. Ah well, life’s about trying things and learning from our mistakes…
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Itasca State Park
2. Itasca State Park  (06/15/2007)
Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi River, and the surrounding area. (more images may follow some day, pending selection and PhotoShopping….)
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Stillwater, Minnesota: Finished Images
3. Stillwater, Minnesota: Finished Images  (June, 2002)
Drawn from the "raw" Stillwater images, these have been adjusted to taste and framed up for presentation.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Stillwater, Minnesota: Complete Sequence
4. Stillwater, Minnesota: Complete Sequence  (June, 2002)
This is a complete set of raw images (not color-corrected, cropped, or otherwise brought up to presentation standards) in the order in which they were taken. I'm presenting them here as an aid to a discussion I'm having about photography with friends on LiveJournal—under normal circumstances I would not post or otherwise offer the majority of them for viewing, as there are only a handful I think are worthy of display.
I notice that I had more trouble than usual keeping the horizon level in these photos, which suggests I need to concentrate on that until it again becomes automatic to me.
All of these images were taken with a Nikon F100 35mm camera using print film (one roll of Kodak Tri-X black & white and three rolls of Fuji color). The film was processed at Photos, Inc. (now merged with, hmmm, is it "Digatech"?) and scanned by them onto Kodak Digital Science Photo CDs; I wrote a batch routine in Photoshop to open each image in the largest available size (2048x3027 pixels) using the Kodak Std Photo YCC Print source profile into LAB 16 Bits/Channel target color space (which I've read are the source-to-target settings which require the least processing/translating); save it in Photoshop format; convert it to RGB color mode and a depth of 8 Bits; and finally save it (for review purposes) as a jpeg (quality 8 with embedded Adobe RGB (1998) color profile). ImageEvent automatically created the thumbnails and the medium and large versions of these images when I uploaded them; the original 2048x3027 pixel images are retained and available under "Original Image."
A Google Map showing approximately where I stood to take each image may be found at http://tinyurl.com/27q5fr
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Deming Heights Park
5. Deming Heights Park  (17 July 2007)
Some "creative" photos taken one morning in Deming Heights Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They've had a quick prune, but I have not yet made final decisions about the ones I like best and want to keep, nor have I given any of them the PhotoShop beauty treatment. Some day, some day…
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Minnehaha Falls
6. Minnehaha Falls  (26 June 2002)
Pictures of Minnehaha Falls and of Minnehaha Creek a little downstream from the falls. Even though the photos were taken a while ago, I'm just getting started with some decision making and post-processing. So it'll be a while (or perhaps even longer) before all the good ones are up.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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