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That's Jody & Andy Offutt in the foreground and Hank & Lesleigh Luttrell in the background. The identity of the other two gentlemen in the foreground is lurking right around the tip of my tongue....
"Looks like Mike Lalor with the white shirt." --Dave Locke, 03/13/06
"Could the taller man with the white hair be Joe Hensley? (I'm not even sure of the name, but he was a judge and writer in Indiana, I think.)" --Jerry Kaufman, 06/03/16
"I agree with Dave that that's Mike Lalor. Heh. I was going to ask if the woman on the left wasn't Jodie Offut, before I noticed the ID had already been named. It's comforting to know my memory isn't completely gone." --Gary Farber, 06/03/16
"I love the way the comments below themselves now stretch through an entire decade. :-)" --Gary Farber, 06/03/16
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