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Ed Smith. Whose face and name, I blush to confess, don't ring a bell with me—but that's who his name badge says he is….
"The mysterious Ed Smith could be Edsmith—if so he likely came to the con with Mike Dobson, as they were both members of Durham NC "Fandumb" about that time. The only problem is that my recollection of Edsmith only includes him in hair down to there—straight and past his shoulders." --Ned Brooks, 03/13/06
"He was a Washington, D.C. later on and a very good friend of Ted White and Robin White. He was good friends with Michael Dobson before he came to D.C." --Robin White, 01/21/09
"Ed and a girlfriend later lived in the same apartment building on 17th Street as me. Through him I met Ted and Robin White. He was still living there with a different girl when I left DC in 1976." --Sam Hessa, 05/03/13
"Ed was in the Falls Church, VA area; he was the first person who Ted White had do "The Clubhouse" in AMAZING, prior to Susan Wood and John D. Berry and any others. If I'm not confused, which is always possible." --Gary Farber, 06/03/16
"Fred Levy Haskell Hey, thanks for the enlightenment everyone. Even if it did take me a while to ... um ... notice it." --Fred Levy Haskell, 03/01/20
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