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”…new NASA research suggests about half the atmospheric warming  measured in the Artic is due to airborne particles called aerosols.  Aerosols can influence climate by reflecting or absorbing sunlight.  The particles also affect climate by changing the reflectivity of clouds.”
NASA "models showed that regions of Earth with the strongest response to aerosols are the same regions that have witnessed the greatest actual temperature increases..."

From Universe Today, Nancy Atkinson 04/2009
"May I please have permission to put your photo on my page too? I have been seeing chemtrails for 3 years now. Many pictures on my page and info about government docs which mention them as well Been trying to have chemtrail events. But people are shy to come. It's scary to find no government official will talk about them with me. Something big is happening & I don't like the fact every one in government is not talking about it, news refusses to talk about it & most people just bury their head in the sand. Best Regards, Jeff" --cajeffo, 04/04/11
"I hope to God this is all not true" --kim, 02/01/12
"Unfortunately it is true... wake up and see the obvious staring you in the face." --nick, 07/01/13
"cajeffo, Yes you have my permission to use the photo on your site. Thank you for your interest. Glenn" --Glenn, 04/11/15
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