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From Global Research
by Amy Worthington

" Dumping tons of particulate matter from aircraft has geo-engineered our planetary atmosphere into a highly charged, electrically-conductive plasma useful for military projects. The air we breathe is laden with asbestos-sized synthetic fibers and toxic metals, including barium salts, aluminum, and reportedly, radioactive thorium. These materials act as electrolytes to enhance conductivity of military radar and radio waves. Poisonous on par with arsenic and a proven suppressant of the human immune system, atmospheric barium weakens human muscles, including those of the heart. Inhaled aluminum goes directly to the brain and medical specialists confirm that it causes oxidative stress within brain tissue, leading to formation of Alzheimer's like neurofibrillary tangles. Radioactive thorium is known to cause leukemia and other cancers."
"Saw this exact pattern right over Frisco, TX Nov 2010" --Schmed, 03/22/11
"I tried to tell my coworkers about the lines in the sky and they said Well, we really cant do a thing about it! And then proceded to dive into thier mixed drinks and talking about what new hair gel to get. I am freaked. Cant get veggies to grow, I wheeze myself to sleep every night and have had CFS? since 1994." --Freaked, 05/06/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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