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image above:  Nanoparticles in the brain  image and information source: Jim Giles/
"Nanoparticles, tiny lumps of matter... can travel to the brain after being inhaled, according to researchers from the United States. The finding sounds a cautionary note for advocates of nanotechnology... G√ľnter Oberd√∂rster of the University of Rochester in New York and colleagues tracked the progress of carbon particles that were only nanometres in diameter and had been inhaled by rats. In the olfactory bulb, an area of the brain that deals with smell. Nanoparticles were detected a day after inhalation, and levels continued to rise until the experiment ended after seven days."These are the first data to show this," says Ken Donaldson, a toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh, UK. "I would never have thought of looking for inhaled nanoparticles in the brain."
copyright Glenn Boyle
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