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FROM Sue Miller:

"I must express my respect and appreciation for Therese Aigner. To my knowledge she is the first professional, accredited environmental expert/engineer to stand up and formally and emphatically connect unusual water test results with the unusual aerial activity.

That the rainwater barium and aluminum chem-bliz "pollution" is directly from chemtrails is clearly stated in her cover letter of the lab test results:

"I have been seeing chemtrails for 3 years now. Many pictures on my page and info about government docs which mention them as well I want to have chemntrail events. Can you please contact me about that? It's scary to find no government official will talk about them with me. Something big is happening & I don't like the fact every one in government is not talking about it, news refusses to talk about it & most people just bury their head in the sand. Best Regards, Jeff" --cajeffo, 04/04/11
"There is a bigger problem in the picture than the chemtrails. There is two Suns." --Terry, 08/20/13
"I have a number of images showing what appears to be two suns." --Glenn, 04/13/15
copyright Glenn Boyle
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