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Quote from study by Mark Purdey published in Elsevier Health Journal,2004, YMEHY2116 DISK/9/2/04 DTD 4.3.1./SPS

"... chronic contamination of the biosystem with...Barium salts can initiate the pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis...  THE DISTRIBUTION OF MS CLUSTERS CORRELATES WITH WORKPLACES AND ENVIRONMENTS THAT ARE ASSOCIATED WITH ELEVATED LEVELS OF BARIUM"
And what is one of the main ingredients in chemtrails?...BARIUM!  The spray planes are filling our atmosphere with nano particles of Barium on an almost daily basis. The inhaled nano-particles stick to the moist lung walls and are small enough to easily be absorbed directly into the blood stream.
In contaminated areas we are not only inhaling Barium we are eating it as well.  As Mr. Purdey's study shows, plants grown in Barium contaminated soil take up the Barium, it  becomes integrated into the plant becoming impossible to wash off and then winds up inside of us when we eat the plants.
copyright Glenn Boyle
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