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Increases in the amount of particulate matter in the air have been proven beyond a doubt to directly cause corresponding increases in the death rate of the exposed population. Increased particulate matter also decreases visibility.  This interesting chart clearly shows the relationship between visibility and mortality. A decrease in visibility from 60 miles to 28 miles results in an increase in the death rate of nearly 25 percent!!  Chemtrails Kill.  Even without the added toxic chemicals and bio matter in the chemtrails the particulates alone are deadly.

Chart created by Clifford Carnicom.
"WE THE PEOPLE along with Ron Paul must eliminate chemtrails and eliminate the illuminati dirtbags who have caused this and most of the other problems plagueing Our world, eliminate outsourcing and bases built in these countries which is the same thing, eliminate genetically manufactured food, eliminate chemtrails, reduce our government by 25-50 %, use only organic food and eliminate all others, eliminate the federal reserve, eliminate the united nations, eliminate the patriot act, eliminate special interest groups, use God everywhere and sane all those who do not like it out of Our country, eliminate all those trying to get rid of Our supplements which are the only hope We have to maintain Our health, penalize all those who caused the hedge fund problem, do not give any more money to large corporations for bailouts, eliminate all efforts to take Our guns away" --hojitak, 11/17/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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