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WHAT IS GOING ON? (cont'd from last)

We have all been walking around breathing chem-crap, very high amounts of barium and aluminum particulates, cationic fibers impregnated with god knows what, modified molds and poisonous jet fuel for years now. This is not the kind of stuff that makes for healthy, happy lungs. The metal particulates in the chemtrails can be ionized by ordinary sunlight making them even more of a hazard to our lungs. There is no way that this aerosol spraying could continue for this long(over 15 years now) without causing a major decline in public health.   Given all the ill health effects that the chemtrail ingredients are capable of causing, the skyrocketing rates of asthma and lung cancer are probably just the beginning of the bad news.  Chemtrails Kill.

Image by Eugene Carsey
"WE THE PEOPLE along with Ron Paul must eliminate chemtrails and eliminate the illuminati dirtbags who have caused this and most of the other problems plagueing Our world, eliminate outsourcing and bases built in these countries which is the same thing, eliminate genetically manufactured food, eliminate chemtrails, reduce our government by 25-50 %, use only organic food and eliminate all others, eliminate the federal reserve, eliminate the united nations, eliminate the patriot act, eliminate special interest groups, use God everywhere and sane all those who do not like it out of Our country, eliminate all those trying to get rid of Our supplements which are the only hope We have to maintain Our health, penalize all those who caused the hedge fund problem, do not give any more money to large corporations for bailouts, eliminate all efforts to take Our guns away" --hojitak, 11/17/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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