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Six of the seven original hot spots for Morgellons Disease have something in common.  The hot spots are located in cities that host a major medical teaching/research university campus involved in doing bio-weapons research in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories for The U.S. Department of Defense. That would be UCSF in San Francisco, UCLA in L.A., UCSD in San Diego and The University of Texas Campuses in Austin/Big Rock, Dallas and Houston. The seventh hot spot, silicon valley is in close proximity to San Francisco.  Additionally most of these hot spots are less than an hours drive from a BSL4 (Bio Safety Level 4) lab.  BSL4 labs are reserved for researching bio weapons as well as the most dangerous disease pathogens that can cause fatal, incurable illness in humans.

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"WE THE PEOPLE along with Ron Paul must eliminate chemtrails and eliminate the illuminati dirtbags who have caused this and most of the other problems plagueing Our world, eliminate outsourcing and bases built in these countries which is the same thing, eliminate genetically manufactured food, eliminate chemtrails, reduce our government by 25-50 %, use only organic food and eliminate all others, eliminate the federal reserve, eliminate the united nations, eliminate the patriot act, eliminate special interest groups, use God everywhere and sane all those who do not like it out of Our country, eliminate all those trying to get rid of Our supplements which are the only hope We have to maintain Our health, penalize all those who caused the hedge fund problem, do not give any more money to large corporations for bailouts, eliminate all efforts to take Our guns away" --hojitak, 11/17/11
"You are spot on. I would add to that get your money out of the big banks and put it in a good credit union. These credit unions are not usually connected to the illuminati elit. Making a point of always buying organic non-gmo foods is like voting with your money every time you go to the store. Don't support big agra, big pharma and big banking.Boycott companies like Monsanto. It makes no sense at all to keep funding those that are involved in causing us grave harm. Do not give your money to the enemy,always seek alternatives. I would also add get all fluoride out of your life as it is slowly destroying your brain, and by the way, does absolutely nothing to improve dental health." --GlennB, 12/03/11
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