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Singer Amy
Winehouse appears to be exhibiting the classic skin symptoms of Morgellons/Lyme disease.
"The lack of compassion and abundance of judgementalness continues to astound me." --Eddie C, 04/08/10
"That has to be heroin side effects" --TS, 03/13/11
"More likely, Amy Winehouse has lesions/sores caused by drug use such as methamphetamines. It is well-known that meth causes nasty sores. I feel sorry for Amy, she is very talented but unfortunately is an addict. Let's all hope that one day she will stop using." --registered nurse, 05/15/11
"WE THE PEOPLE along with Ron Paul must eliminate the chemtrails and eliminate the illuminati dirtbags who have created most if not all of the problems on Our planet, eliminate outsourcing and bases built in these countries which is the same thing, eliminate genetically manufactured food, eliminate chemtrails, reduce our government by 25-50 %, use only organic food and eliminate all others, eliminate the federal reserve, eliminate the united nations, eliminate the patriot act, eliminate special interest groups, use God everywhere and sane all those who do not like it out of Our country, eliminate all those trying to get rid of Our supplements which are the only hope We have to maintain Our health, penalize all those who caused the hedge fund problem, do not give any more money to large corporations for bailouts, eliminate all efforts to take Our guns away" --hojitak, 11/17/11
"Hojitak, don't you know Ron Paul is one of the leaders in the whole situation? Do your research, man. Just Google "Ron Paul Scandal" and then connect the dots. He personally wrote legislation to subsidize government controlled pesticide production and so-called organic food crop genetic research. He penned sections of the Patriot Act himself and supports Lobbyists. We The People need to be more careful about who we pick to be our heros." --S Mann, 01/25/12
"She was murdered when she discovered that she had Morgellons and was going to speak up all she knew about the 'system' and the dealings they made with her too. Remember, the 27-year old death club... next to be murdered likewise is LADY GAGA who already is 27 y.o. also..... stay tuned and you'll see, they will murder her in an "accident" (drugs, alcohol, sex or the like) with a satanic occult ritual as they always do." --rickenbacher, 07/24/13
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