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This David Dee poster is to the point and just about says it all.

"Sign the petition if you care. Short URL: Save and Share this URL:!/petition/make-transparent-fully-disclose-public-what-being-sprayed-people-jets-known-chemtrails/rYqYqzlN" --Kris, 12/05/11
"How do we send you a great photo of chemtrail patern over Shady Valley TN?" --fiskfarm, 04/23/12
"How would I contact Glenn Boyle to use one of his images digitally in an article or book and properly accredit his work here? Glenn, there's no contact info for you here that I can find..." --Niara, 08/04/12
"Niara, It is ok to use anything that is copyrighted by me on this site as long as it is accredited to me with a link back to this site. Some of the info and images on this site are the copyright material of others and you would need to ask permission from them for use. I have have noted, to the best of my knowledge items that are copyrighted by others. David Dee has publicly stated that his images may be used as long as it is for non-profit or educational use." --glenn, 09/07/12
"I want to send you some info on a new discovery based on various theories and experiments thta some of these particles they are spraying are in fact liquid crystals. the very same technology inside most LCD flat screens. And as you may have guessed strange and harmful effects take place when HAARP is involved with this occurance in the atmosphere. Nothing happens to liquid crystals until you shoot them with ELF's or heat as HAARP has been known to do. There is more thna one agenda in these trails. This process I am talking about has an end result of harmful radiation being amplified with liquid crystals. RESEARCH!!!" --joseph, 01/29/13
"<script>alert("test");</script>" --Foo, 07/05/14
copyright Glenn Boyle
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