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The view from behind?...Rude and Vile (evil)
With it's genitalia, veins and rectum overemphasized and on full display the view from behind is in-your-face rude and disturbing, as I'm sure it is meant to be. I have recently come to a conclusion about who is ultimately behind the NWO and all I have to say is that anyone cooperating with this non-human group is being played for a Fool.
"It's the horse statue at D.I.A. This same statue fell on it's creator and killed him. D.I.A. is full of satanic shite, it's all about free masonry, illuminati, etc" --DregHunter, 10/10/12
"It is the rear end view of the statue of the "Broncho" at D.I.A. It almost appears as the rectum is the eye of the illuminati." --lulu, 03/06/13
copyright Glenn Boyle
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