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The pinkish oil-slick appearance of these chemtrails and around the sun indicate the presence of highly toxic ethylene dibromide in the air.
"Oh how neat mommy...,,,Look at the rainbow of death cloud...isnt it beautiful!? Wake Up!!!!!! anyone out there...there is a war going on against you right above your head!!" --Shad, 01/11/10
"I knew nothing about chemtrails before 6 weeks ago.But I know now,and I`m convinced that there IS a danger to the general population.It isnt easy to sort through all the conspiracy stuff,but even if you strip all that away,you still have too many facts that cant be ignored or explained away.Before,I never even looked up.Now,I see chemtrail activity and fake cloud cover overhead.Even on days when there is no activity,i see skies that are not normal.They are dirty,streaky and discolored.Our atmosphere has been altered,perhaps irreversibly.That is scary." --chockie, 02/01/10
"It is amazing to me that so many people have yet to notice what is happening right over their heads in plain view. Once you know it becomes impossible not to notice how fake the clouds look and all the chemtrail activity continually going on. The only time I see beautiful natural clouds anymore is right after a rainstorm, before they have a chance to start spraying trails again." --Glenn, 05/08/10
"We have not had natural clouds in Pittsburgh the entire summer of 2010." --Erika, 08/13/10
"Wow... I have noticed and I am wonder why no one until today is doing anything about it... It's much worse now!" --Dancy, 04/24/12
"Dancy doing something about it starts with the individual, meaning you and each one of us. What can you do to help end this? Everyone is capable of putting some energy into this, especially if they are interested in surviving and the survival of their children." --Glenn, 03/06/13
copyright Glenn Boyle
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