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Jay Taylor walked out the front door one day in August of 2007 and was greeted by this nightmare skyscape of dark lines and chemtrails overhead.  

Image copyright Jay Taylor 2007
"People should be asshamed of themselves for not noticing #1 and then for not caring about anything but themselves #2 and for three ........................................well TOO LATE The mouse ate the lion. ....Now how does that happen. We are the lions, "THEY" are the mice with some good smoke....." --Shad, 01/11/10
"Oh man, what a mess. That one is just so sick. Is it genuine?" --Saq, 07/06/10
"Yes this is absolutely genuine. I have seen skies almost as bad over my own home but do not have pictures to post. On occasion the skies have looked so bad that I have turned around gone back inside shut all the window and turned the air cleaners on high." --Glenn, 07/20/10
"Same here GLenn. Prior to 2005, for 5 years I had 1 air cleaner in my home. Today I have 4. Before 2005 it took 2-3 months for the dirty filter light came on signaling that the filter needed to be cleaned. The past 4 years the light comes on in 1 or 2 days when they spray. And thats for all 4 cleaners simultaneously in a 2 bdr! I knew even before I ever heard of Morgellons that whatever this "dust" was, it was not healthy to breathe. Sure enough, 3 months later I got sick and still have not recovered." --Iggy, 09/25/10
"Iggy, I have the same problem with my air cleaners. The manual says clean the filters every two weeks or so but mine need cleaning every couple of days. Always caked full of very fine grey dust. The first time I noticed something a miss was is 1997, I went outside to discover my white car that I had just washed was covered with a dark even layer of clumpy grime. The first thought that came into my head was bug eggs. And I just knew that something bad was going on. Sure enough turns out those chemtrails have been found to contain nematode eggs and all manner of other toxins and pathogens." --Glennb, 09/28/10
"Arizona experienced another 5 straight days and evenings of heavy spraying. The heavy foggy substance blocked any decent view of our near by mountains. Wildlife continues to dwindle, dead birds can be found on the ground under trees. It is a silent birds singing. Only a raven or a dove is seen now and then. Knoll Lake in Arizona will no longer support fish (trout). There is something wrong with the water that has Fish and Game baffled. Everything is covered with gray dust. It comes in on your shoes, and if you touch the ground with an open hand it contains fine particles that sparkle in the sunlight. This is real, not some damned dream.(12/07/10)" --clem, 12/07/10
"Yes the particles do sparkle in the sunlight. There seems to be a continual layer of fine gray dust on my windshield. When I drive into the sun the dust has a certain iridescent sparkle to it. This stuff also coats my sky lights and the windows of my home. Take a magnifying glass and get a good look at what is on the outside of your windows." --Glenn, 03/17/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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