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"The black lines could be shadows of the current trail being sprayed above the already exsisting chem. covering layer" --Gus, 06/29/09
"I've seen these on chemtrails recently. It was obvious to me that they are shadows created by the chemtrail. Kind of obvious. Don't let this kind of easily explainable phenomenom "cloud" this issue. It will only contribute to the "dismissers"..." --Solo, 12/27/09
"I have just seen these in the UK. They are not shadows. It seems to be a seperate component of the chemtrail, heavier darker partiles that seperate as soon as the trail is sprayed and falls faster." --DamienS, 03/07/10
"I've seen these black lines under conditions where they could not possibly be a shadow. I suspect that chemtrails are often sprayed by unmanned aerial vehicles. The black lines might be related to something on the order of a laser guidance system. They can sometimes be seen in FRONT of the chemtrail. When I first saw this I thought it was probably just a shadow being cast by the chemtrail. But I've seen the phenomenon several times when the position of the sun was such that it was obvious that the line could not be a shadow. It has been suggested that these dark lines are strongly indicative of particle-beams which would be greatly enhanced by the addition of aerosol metallic elements. So far, it appears to be a mystery and we can only speculate on the reasons and causes." --bariumblues, 03/20/10
"I witnessed a jet shoot out a black beam in front of it several years ago. There was a slight back-kick and no sound at all, then the jet seemed to fade out as it went. It looked to me like a particle beam and took about a second to cross the whole sky. I've also got video of orbs. Links: videos: stills:" --SaberTruth, 03/24/10
"The picture here is a shadow of the chemtrail. Over a year ago I did see a black beam I couldn't explain. I saw this plane leaving a chemtrail but noticed this black beam being emitted from the nose of the plane. It wasn't thick like the black shadows, it was think and perfectly straight. It looked like a black laser beam or a black fishing line. The plane followed the beam as if it was on a rail or a track. I was wearing polarized sunglasses and the beam was only visible with the glasses on. I took them off the verify I wasn't just seeing things. It was so obvious that this wasn't a natural phenomenon. I have seen thousands of jets spraying since but have never seen the black line again (except for the shadows)." --FTheNWO, 05/28/10
"Also, the beam went as far as I could see. SaberTruth...I've personally seen those orbs as well. So has the media in Las Vegas." --FTheNWO, 05/28/10
"Black beam seems to be non refractive particules.We see these black lines periodically here on calif central coast." --jack jankovich, 10/23/10
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