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That long dark shape running across the middle of the image is not a land form.  That is one scary looking "cloud".
"On Aug3,2009,I sat in my yard, in a south sub of Chicago from 5pm til 7pm and noticed a total of 10 chemtrails, all the planes were flying from east to west and west to east. I actually saw 2 planes flying almost parallel to each other. Within an hr,by 8pm, there was a huge dark mass of clouds. It had been a clear blue sky at 5pm. By 7pm,it was hazy and overcast, then this mass rolled in. It seemed to me that there was an awful lot of air traffic between 5 & 7 pm, but no traffic after that. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I cried." --bets, 08/05/09
"I'm sorry, it was Aug 4th, tuesday,not thoughts were 'clouded'!!!" --bets, 08/05/09
"We're being blitzed on the southern oregon coast for the last week or 2. A formation similar to this sits off the coast, when the skies clear enough to see it. We've had pretty much a solid chemcloud that may break for a few hours in the later afternoon. Seems like they're rebuilding it at night for the next day." --Fry, 08/07/09
"Wow! They are definatly controlling the weather. The brother of an airtraffic controller said the were checking the I'm dum." --bets, 08/12/09
"Just a brief thoughtto go along with all these flight patterns all over the world, 24 X 7. Do you think maybe some people have been lying about "peak oil" and oil shortages ? Ha Ha Ha. The joke's on us. How many gallons per day, do you think the miscreants are burning up? I guess they figure that what " they " are burning up will be OK, since the demand won't be nearly as great when they de-pop the earth down to 500 million "sustainable" ! Think that's a joke? Go here:" --Bubbadon'tlikechemtrails, 11/29/09
"yeah I have seen a couple of those roll over ESSEX MD before and it wasnt pretty and as for the weather being a nightmare it had some nasty winds and rain with it....i wish iI could of gotten a couple of photos of it. WAKE UP PEOPLE IT IS NOW YOUR JOB TO TELL ALL YOU KNOW BECUASE NOW THE YOU KNOW IT WOULD MAKE IT PART OF YOUR RESPONSABILITY OR OTHERWISE YOUR JUST AS GUILTY AS THE MURDEROUS BASTERDS BEHIND THIS AGENDA! have no fear FORE FEAR SURE SURELY KILL YOU ANYWAY." --Shad, 01/11/10
"I'm pretty sure this one is of the morning glory cloud phenomena in Northern Australia- in the gulf of Carpentaria to be specific. It's too low and dense, and cloud plus there are gum trees directly in front of it. I'd put money on it being the morning glory cloud, 100%. It's a strange sky to be sure, just this one isn't man-made. Love the site. Keep it up." --ChrispyT, 02/03/12
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