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Although game creator, Steve Jackson, claims no ties to the illuminati, his card game first published in 1982 and based on the group is eerily prophetic.
"As of: 8.09 - Cards: 1,2,3,6 have been played out. Card: 7 failed to become fulfilled, as of yet. Card: 8 is still on-going. Cards: 5,7,9 is the final order." --12 21 1 16, 08/11/09
"card 7 would require a major quake this time in the heartland of japan. i believe the Waco tower is what is portrayed." --fred apire, 07/22/11
"Fukishima seems to be a fulfillment in progress of the type of destruction mentioned on the fourth card. Although not reported in mainstream media the radiation from the melting cores is just getting worse and worse. Many Japanese are now coming down with leukemia. Huge sections of Japan may become uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. All the radiation being dumped into the ocean is being carried by ocean currents directly to the US west coast. At the coast these currents split in two with 1 going north towards Alaska and the other going south. The Jet stream is bringing significant amounts of radiation over our country and there are now high reading in many areas of the US, not just on the west coast.Every time it rains the radiation is carried down. A testing of San Francisco rain water showed radiation in excess of 1800% over what is considered safe." --GlennB, 12/03/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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