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Image Copyright  Cathy Palmer
"Photo by Cathy Palmer. To see/read more about Sonoma Chemtrails, please go here" --Cathy, 08/23/09
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to properly attribute the photo." --Glenn, 10/24/09
"I live not far from you and want to have chemtrail events. Will you please contact me? May I please have permission to put your photo on my page too? I have been seeing chemtrails for 3 years now. Many pictures on my page and info about government docs which mention them as well It's scary to find no government official will talk about them with me. Something big is happening & I don't like the fact every one in government is not talking about it, news refusses to talk about it & most people just bury their head in the sand." --cajeffo, 04/04/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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