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Showing up outside the offices of your governmental representatives toting a chemtrail informational board with chemtrail images might not be such a bad idea.  So far my letters to Senator Diane Fienstein have been completely ignored.  It might be harder for our representatives to ignore this problem if their constituents are showing up in person to complain armed with visual proof.  Also calling the mayors office and the media to complain and demand an explanation every time you see local chemtrail activity might have results.  Getting in touch with your cities council members or supervisors and demanding that they declare your city a chemtrail free zone might help to generate publicity.  It would also ensure that your local governmental representatives are aware of the problem and aware of the growing outrage of the community.  The chemtrails break several of the Geneva Conventions regarding  grave crimes against humanity.  Demand that the accords of the Geneva Convention be enforced and those responsible for these crimes be punished.
"I live in your area of California. I want to have chemtrail events. please contact me. May I also please have permission to put your photo on my page too? I have been seeing chemtrails for 3 years now. Many pictures on my page and info about government docs which mention them as well It's scary to find no government official will talk about them with me. Something big is happening & I don't like the fact every one in government is not talking about it, news refusses to talk about it & most people just bury their head in the sand. Will you please contact me?" --cajeffo, 04/04/11
"Please sign the petition for full government disclosure. Short URL: Save and Share this URL:!/petition/make-transparent-fully-disclose-public-what-being-sprayed-people-jets-known-chemtrails/rYqYqzlN" --Kris, 12/05/11
"cajeffo you have my permission to use material from this site as long as it is accredited to me and a link back to my site is provided with the used material." --glenn, 09/07/12
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