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William Bramley, in his excellent book, The Gods of Eden, tells of Sumarian tablets that describe the process of heirarchy, of custodial government of various populations dispersed on habitable planets in the universe. The right of custodial governance is said to be an inherited right.

I think the custodians in charge of Earth have become hopelessly corrupt and I hope that somewhere in the order of things there is a court of last resort that would allow us to be free of these parasitic overlords once and for all.

Send forth your pleas for release from servitude to the Great Galactic Council. Surely all the pain and suffering caused by the machinations of our Controllers can be felt pouring into the energy grid of the galaxy, damaging the very fabric of the universe.

At some level there must be a way to address the gross mismanagement, disaster, death, illness and anguish being inflicted on this planet and it's population by the corrupt and parasitic brotherhood." Xterrester 2006
"This is a thought wave that I resonate with. I do pray that the parasitic controllers will stop." --Heather, 01/25/11
"Thought and prayer can be a powerful tool to bring about positive change. I believe that if enough people prayed for and visualized a positive change it would occur." --GlennB, 10/14/11
"Thought waves are powerful but so is non-compliance. Its time we stop allowing them to do this to us. Lets get the rest of us to wake up to the reality of what is being done to us." --Carol, 12/04/11
"With the now developing catastrophe of excessive methane being released into the global atmosphere (see video linked to image 1) Something drastic needs to be done. I believe we may now be looking at a global ELE in the near future. God help us all and we better do something, every single one of us, to bring this era of madness to a close. It is sad to think of how perfectly beautiful and relatively unpolluted the earth was just a few short decades ago, or going back a century, a paradise, mostly unspoiled. I do not believe that those in power are for the most part clearly capable of understanding the consequences of their incredibly idiotic actions. For the most part those in power or associated with the NWO come from a section of society that, historically and secretly has practiced the art of creating dissociative disorder, or multiple personality disorder in their children in order to program them and mind control them. I believe that brains that have survived this horrendous process are incapable of thinking the same way a normal human we have a bunch of mind controlled sociopaths who are incapable of fully understanding why or what the consequences of their actions might be." --Glenn, 03/06/13
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