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These types of reports in regard to plague outbreaks were far more numerous than reports of rat infestations in relation to plague outbreaks.
Brotherhood manipulations can be found behind most wars, Hitler and the extermination of millions in the death camps.
I suspect many of the new diseases that have emerged over the last 20 years, AIDS, Hanta Virus, Legionaires, Mycoplasma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Lyme w coinfections, Morgellons, Gulf War Syndrome, West Nile, Ebola all came out of biolabs that at the top are controlled by brotherhood interests.
The DU bombs being used in the current war will indiscriminately continue to kill for generations as the poisonous DU dust drifts over town and country of friends and foes alike.
And now we have the killer chemtrails, so full of various toxic materials that they are guaranteed to radically up the death rate. Already cases of new lung cancers are up about 1000% from where they were last year.
copyright Glenn Boyle
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