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commentary by M.Moore
"I think the chemtrails are part of our alien problem. Periodically throughout history there have been huge die-offs of humans that are engineered by the alien controllers/brotherhood/ illuminati. Possibly the first instance of this was the great flood, mentioned in biblical times and even earlier described on Sumerian tablets, brought about when the Earth's cloud canopy was caused to collapse. In biblical times red dust fell out of the sky and killed all the Cannaanites (dust falling out of the sky sounds familiar doesn't it?)  There are numerous, consistent peasant reports from the Medieval plague years when 40% of the European population was wiped off the face of the Earth, of bright lights and craft in the skies, foul smelling mists and tall, dark-robed strangers who were observed swinging hissing "scythes" over the grain fields, these events preceding the outbreak of plague in an area(see image 287).(continued next)
copyright Glenn Boyle
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