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From Germany
Websites protesting chemtrails have sprung up from almost every corner of the globe.  There are hundreds of sites from Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Ireland, etc.
Internationally, the general consensus seems to be that the United States and it's illuminati-aligned leaders are to blame for the chemtrails mess.

I am curious about who is paying for the world-wide aerosol spraying.  The estimated hourly cost of keeping each spray tanker in the air is over 4,000.  With 100 plus planes in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, (and this has been going on since approximately 1996-97)....I'm not going to attempt to do the math on this right now but the cost must run into the trillions of dollars.
"Have you found out who we can boycott to be effective in this effort to stop the Madness? Please let me know and I will get the word out. Thanks from Texas!" --LowesWirenut, 07/04/12
"Bill Gates and The Rockefellers among others. Here is the article confirming it." --Miss Ticked Off, 07/31/12
"You could start off by boycotting enterprises owned by the 13 bloodlines families listed in Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Springmeier. Also boycott companies that are aligned with the NWO & the Illuminati. Monsanto, Kellogg's, Coca Cola to name a few. Stop buying food produced by Big Agra and huge corporations. You can vote with your money every time you shop, stick to locally grown organic foods as much as possible. This way you will not be supporting GMO, pesticide laden foods that are very bad for you and you will not be funding the dark side. Most large banks are illuminati connected, switch your money to a credit union instead." --glenn, 11/02/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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