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Clifford Carnicom's newest research shows that the airborne chemtrails fibers and the fibers found in the tissues of a patient with advanced Morgellons Disease are a spot on match.

Additionally the unusual airborne blood cell samples have been found to match the unusual blood cells in  Morgellons infected individuals.  

The implications of these findings are enormous.  Have we all been exposed to Morgellons via the chemtrails?  
How would this pathogen get into the chemtrails in the first place? It seems to me that this happenstance could have only occurred deliberately.  This unspeakably horrible information leads to thoughts of deliberate widespread sickening & murdering of the human population using a high tech artificially created pathogen being dispersed through the ongoing chemtrails spraying.

   Morgellons Match, Blood Testing & Morphology Research
"Try MMS for HELP and PREVENTION. Read Jim Humbles book abaut MMS. I found out I have this illness...never knew it existed...and I take MMS now as the remedy after I read in an German alternative newspaper MMS HELPS." --Melanie, 03/26/10
"I am a Morgellon sufferer and I live at the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Morgellons is transported to other places around the world through the clothing and or any types of fabrics, it seems to be that they camouflage in it. There have to be many more sufferers in the island, but wrongly diagnosed.HELP!!!" --Jessica Ortega, 05/24/13
copyright Glenn Boyle
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