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Decorative streamers?  Considering the mounting number of illnesses and deaths being caused by the chemtrails this corporate ad is in the worst possible taste.
"amazing site and analysis. totally opened my eyes. THANK YOU" --NeitherLiberalNorConservative, 02/06/10
"You're welcome. I appreciate your comment very much. I am so ill from the combined effects of the the chemtrail toxins, Lyme disease and Morgellons disease that I will be quite surprised if I am still alive a few years from now. I hope that my work on this web page will help bring chemtrails to an end. I long for the relatively pristine and glorious natural world I grew up in with deep blue skies and beautiful clouds. It was an entirely different world than what exists today. It is shocking to think that a whole generation is growing up without knowing what a natural, chemtrail free sky with real clouds looks like." --Glenn, 07/18/10
"Sign the petition if you care. Short URL: Save and Share this URL:!/petition/make-transparent-fully-disclose-public-what-being-sprayed-people-jets-known-chemtrails/rYqYqzlN" --Kris, 12/05/11
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