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The government seems to think it is perfectly ok to keep track of every book you buy or check out at the library, what websites you visit, what you buy at the grocery store, who you talk to on the phone and every other conceivable bit of information they can gather on you....but who is watching the government?  Who is holding the government accountable for poisoning the air all of us must breathe?  How much sense does it make  that the government is snooping into every aspect of our lives under the pretext of "protecting us"  yet that very same government is gravely harming us by poisoning the air we  breathe?   
It is not in our best interests to continue to cooperate with those that are harming us.  We cooperate by remaining silent, going about our normal lives as if everything is ok (it clearly isn't), as taxpayers we cooperate by  providing the money for them to continue this insane and grievious assault on humanity and on the environment.
"Sign the petition if you care. Short URL: Save and Share this URL:!/petition/make-transparent-fully-disclose-public-what-being-sprayed-people-jets-known-chemtrails/rYqYqzlN" --Kris, 12/05/11
copyright Glenn Boyle
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