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New Money Showing Chemtrails Over The White House?
The older bills do not show clouds in the background above The White House. How interesting that with the ongoing chemtrail spraying all denominations of the newer bills now show clouds above The White House (clouds that look suspiciously like HAARP modulated chem-clouds).  This may be an example of "Ritual Mockery" or "Revelation of the Method" as described by Michael Hoffman in his brilliant book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.  Hoffman's book delves into the hidden meaning of the twilight language and symbolism of the Cryptocracy.

How interesting indeed that while the U.S. Government denies the very existence of chemtrails both U.S. Postal stamps and U.S. currency are now making use of chemtrail imagery.
Hidden Communications/US Currency see  images 53-60
copyright Glenn Boyle
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