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A report from one Morgellon's sufferer:
"In the fall of 1998 I was out in my garden working.  The weather was warm and exceptionally humid and sticky.  At one point I absentmindly scratched my neck and noticed that my fingernails came back absolutely clotted with white fibers.  Out of curiosity I scratched several other areas of my skin with my nails and discovered that when scratched any exposed area of skin left my nails full of these clotted fibers.  Whatever skin was covered with clothing did not have the fibers. The air must have been thick with these fibers for so many  of them to be layered on me like that.  About a month later I started having unusual skin symptoms & not feeling well.  I am very suspicious that these airborn fibers had something to do with my developing Morgellons.
copyright Glenn Boyle
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