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Recently several large movie studios have changed the background clouds in their corporate logos to look more like the smeary mess of elongated fake clouds created by chemtrails.  

 Other researchers have reported U.S. intelligence agencies own or control 50% of U.S. media, in particular,exerting a huge amount of behind the scenes power and influence in Hollywood.

I have long suspected that many movies are part of an ongoing PSYOPS to influence the minds of the masses in certain directions, influencing popular beliefs and views of reality.  

The recent change by several major Hollywood studios to the use of chemtrail imagery in their logos appears to be part of an ongoing government PSYOPS with the intention of subliminally convincing us that these fake clouds are normal, that the sky has always looked this way.
"I belive this is true, Ive noticed in movies and in tv that they are showing chemtails like they are nothing now." --ttt, 06/27/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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