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Ethylene Dibromide, one of the  most toxic pesticides ever created,  has been used as a component of jet fuel.  The chemical was deemed to be too hazardous for any application that allowed it to come into contact with humans, so then it was banned from jet fuel.  Now, once again it is back in the jet fuel.  Additionally, researchers have pegged it as one of the major components of the chemtrails.  EDB is being sprayed into the skies above us in massive quantities on an ongoing basis.  People under the chemtrail fallout have complained of being able to smell the dangerous toxin, taste it in their mouths and feel it on their skin.  Continuing exposure to EDB, even at low levels results in immune supression, respiratory problems, weak muscles and lethargy.  EDB is also a potent carcinogen.
There is no antidote for Ethylene Dibromide exposure.
"This part of the Nibiru system that has been being covered up with chemtrails" --Mary Paino, 02/02/15
copyright Glenn Boyle
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