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  As I have gradually discovered the full extent and implications of what is being done to us and to our planet I have felt deep sorrow, especially for my children. I have also felt deep anger. The level of betrayal involved in the chemtrail atrocities is monsterous.  My goal is not to leave readers feeling so overloaded that they shut down and are unable to take action on this subject., rather it is imperative that you do take action. "They" cannot continue to do this to us without our consent.  Once you know about this issue doing nothing to stop it will be taken as tacit agreement, your willingness to accept the situation.   Choosing not to act will make them all the more powerful in their endeavors.  It is important that all of us unite, stand up to the chemtrails and say NO!  ENOUGH!  NO MORE!
"You sound like me. I say this to myself every time I seem the onslaught of these toxic streamers. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore--at least not without shouting to the top of my lungs." --Debra Trojan, 09/05/09
"If every one did that it might bring about some positive change. These chemtrails are lethal. My health has been seriously and dramatically affected. I am also furious and more than fed up. The perps should be in jail or worse (thrown into tanks of hungry piranahs?)as the level of criminality is so massive, almost impossibly to comprehend..." --glennb, 09/09/09
"I live in an over 55 community in Whiting, NJ, next to Air force/Army Bases. We get sprayed here at least 25 times a month, with at least 40-50 chemtrails. I guess us old folks are easy targets. I can't go out for more than 15 minutes like I did today, without experiencing burning in my nasal passages, eyes, throat, headaches, tightness and burning in the chest. I like how everyone is shouting make this stop. You will stand-up and shout stop, until you can't stand any longer. Until they bury you. Check out my short YouTube video of 40 seconds of one such spraying right over my house." --Harry, 05/13/14
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