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Image copyright Frank Wetterman
"this orb was also seen over knoxville,tn. on 3/5/11 after early morning chemtrails." --max, 06/06/11
"On 3/15/12 1720hrs(PST)a friend & I observed nearly identical object from a park in Long Beach CA. Object was observed hovering in vicinity of high altitude triangular cloud formation. We observed it hovering in a stationary position with unaided eye and binoculars for nearly 15 minutes. Observed shiny orange/brass colored object appearing as two radiant spheres joined together with a disc between them(bazaar). Appeared at high altitude (appx 20,000ft +/-), after extended loiter time the object began to drift East and climb out of visible range." --JD, 03/20/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
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