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One aspect of the chemtrail story is becoming more and more a story about the spread of Morgellons Disease.  The bizarre, unique fibers that have been found in the bodies of the Morgellons infected have been matched to fibers found in the chemtrail fallout and in rain drops.  This suggests that anybody who breathes the air may have been exposed to this disease.  Researcher Clifford Carnicom has recently reported that blood abnormalities that he associates with chemtrail infection are being found in just about everyone he is testing whether or not they show the visible signs of having a Morgellons infection
"These red spots on this persons back are not from any effects of chemtrails but are a very familiar image of what happens when soneone has been targeted with kill laser infrasonic sound wave satellite weapons assults from Balkan syndicate groups KGB satellites. They are actually laser burns when the beams from the satellites are GPS'ed onto the targeted victims body over a period of time and the operators of such systems are very dangerous people and with such a situation it usually ends with the death of the targeted individual as it also destroys the organs of the victim due to the tremendously high amounts of lethal radiation that is induced into the targeted victims body from those satellites. European Organized crime groups at work to rid the world of it's trash, is the way they look at it. The have a contract with terrorist groups who are doing the same thing around the world." --Jeff, 06/18/09
"Jeff, I don't doubt that such weapons exist. But I can tell you from personal experience that my Morgellons lesions are being caused by something very bizarre that is growing under my skin and that once the lesions are developed very strange pathogens and structures come out that have no business being in a human body. Worst of all nobody in the medical field seems to be able to ID what this stuff is. These things are alive, communicate with each other and exhibit group intelligence. Take a look at Jan Smith's Video linked at image 25. Very scary!" --Glennb, 06/18/09
"Today I found an article about Morgellons in an german alternative newspaper. I never knew, this illness existed. As I read it, i started to realise, I have the same thing...never realised it is this until today. I am writing this to say, YES IT EXISTS and in the german newspaper they wrote: MMS HELPS...I realy hope so...and that is the first thing I will do now...take MMS." --Melanie, 03/26/10
"Melanie, I suggest you go to or the curezone to chat with others who have Morgellons. These boards are a great source of info. Also don't miss reading Clifford Carnicom's research an or Jan Smith's research." --Glenn, 05/03/10
"thanks for finding, how about the cure! thanks" --lisa, 06/11/11
"read verse in rev 16,2 "so the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth and foul and loathsome sore came upon men,god help us from these evil men, there insane and i dont think they care if they spray themself." --ky hilbilly, 12/27/11
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