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Orb and Chemtrail
Image copyright Scott Stevens
"I thought this looked like Jupiter until I looked at the EXIF and saw the 35mm focal length. I was expecting something in the 300 plus range. There is definitely a three dimensional quality to the object." --bob, 04/06/11
"the chemtrails are hiding flying aircrafts that have come in from distant parts of the universe, but they are not strangers to the ruling elite." --Tara, 08/25/12
"Soy el autor de las siguientes fotografías. Tomadas el día 31 de Agisto 2012. En Avila SPAIN." --Javier, 09/02/12
"no me deja adjuntar las fotos..." --Javier, 09/02/12
"Ah!! si, al fin si están adjuntas" --Javier, 09/02/12
copyright Glenn Boyle
Nikon D70 Full EXIF / IPTC
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